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About Us

We work for next generation

NESR initiated by the group of five software engineers and two educationist - Global Innovation Thought Leader to connect the entire global innovation eco-system for creating breakthrough innovations and technology driven start-ups.

We are the connectivity architects who connect you with the most innovative countries and technology providers to create a new renaissance of innovation driven growth for all stakeholders.
We bring the latest technologies from all over the world to India, which is emerging as world’s largest consumer market. We connect Indian companies, universities. Colleges and start-ups with solutions providers of latest technologies.

We work on SAP, .Net, Java, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industry Internet, Big Data Analytics, Generative Designs and many more emerging technologies for developing breakthrough products, services and business models.


Culture of Innovation

Sustainable innovation is not possible without a fertile ground of Innovation. We help you in developing fertile ground of innovation where many new ideas can grow into successful business projects. We help you in building the solid culture of Innovation with following interventions:


Training and Workshops

We offer flagship programs and workshops for developing creative thought leaders, innovation champions and breakthrough innovations. Please see the next section for details of various programs and workshops. Our programs help people in transforming chaos into order, challenges into opportunities and constraints into advantages.


Developing Healthy Pipeline

Creating a pipeline of breakthrough innovations for high growth and market leadership, Interacting with customers to understand their challenges and needs, Commercialization and marketing campaigns for early success of innovation projects


We help you to create breakthroughs with our tech-intelligence platform


We develop innovative mind sets for industry and creative leadership


We 'connect & develop' your business models / products with new technologies


Help in creating high impact innovation projects with existing / new ideas

Developing New Age Innovation Champions

This program helps in developing innovation champions with new age innovation paradigms and mind-sets. This program also enables the champions to establish innovation as a disciplined process in the organization. We train the innovation champions on New Innovation Framework with measurement innovation metrics for key functions of the organization. The framework along with the guidelines has transformative powers in shaping your innovation journey and creating new mind sets. The framework will create conditions and systems that will allow innovation to thrive in a continuous and disciplined manner within your organization.

The framework provides clear insight into the innovation gaps which need to be immediately filled, that makes it a readily available guide for all the CEOs and business heads. During the workshop, we provide participants with self-assessment software and also help them in assessing your present Innovation Index Score for future readiness.