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Find Your Partner

We know that Founders need an ecosystem to succeed on their startup journey.

The NESregistry platform brings together the best in the business – that’s you – to support founders at all stages of their journey. Our partnerships bring best practices, knowledge, solutions, and services to founders, ensuring they build high-quality and successful businesses.

Referral Partner.

Let us promote your business with a customizable branded business profile and strategic promotional placement within our platform. We will refer founders to your products and services at relevant points throughout their startup journey. We want to ensure that founders have access to everything they need to succeed, and this includes the products and services of our partners.

Advanced Partner.

All the benefits of a Referral Partner as advanced: Integrate your business into our platform with a customized branded Advanced module. We are purpose-built tools containing exercises, tips, articles, videos, and an outcome designed to help founders accelerate their progress on their startup journey. As a Advanced Partner all founders will get exposure to your business via NESregistry, increasing brand recognition while driving a new revenue channel.

Strategic Sponsor

All the benefits of a Referral from Advanced Partner: Become a strategic Sponsor of NESregistry and receive exclusive promotional placement and advertising throughout the NESregistry platform. Share your content and drive awareness for your brand, increase reach and generate new leads, generate exposure, and differentiate yourself from your competition. Sponsors receive the highest level of exposure to our entire community of startups and founders.