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Why are we starting a mentorship program ?

Every great founder has a network of experienced mentors they rely on during their startup journey. Not all founders have this advantage, especially if they are first time founders who are located away from innovations hubs.

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Connecting the best minds in innovation to mentor the next generation of founders and improve their chances of success

Mentor Magic

Through mentoring, our mentors gain fresh insights and perspectives, the opportunity to become a better leader, contribute to elevating the startup ecosystem, gaining inspiration, motivation, new network and new friends.

1. Are individuals with deep industry or entrepreneurial experience gained within the startup/innovation ecosystem

2. Work with early stage founders and startups without expectation of reward or compensation

3. Willingly share their knowledge and guidance freely, and open their networks when appropriate

4. Commit at least 2 hours per week for mentoring sessions

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NESregistry provides tools, guidance, and funding opportunities to personally and regionally diverse early-stage founders, helping them validate their ideas, hone their pitch, and check in with experienced mentors along their journey.


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Partnering with NESregistry to address addiction,

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